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Hidden Words

Can you find them?

sigh, Sad

"And here I thought you were working. You're just drawing."

I hate when people say this shit. It hurts. I don't get to draw no more and when I get a chance to a grasp it. My inspirations were always too few and far apart, especially now.

I just want to draw.

Shit, when people just dish on my talent (which I worked so hard to perfect and still trying to perfect) I just feel so depressed.

Like dying or something ):

I Don't Care
rikku ree
"This is for you, for the future. You should start doing something about it.." continues own as I plug my earphones on and play "I Love it" by Icona Pop in full blast.

Yes more work rant and a bit of pyschology in the mix... oh and logic.Collapse )

Sometimes I think I would have made a very good Psychologists or Philosopher... I wish I could have explored that field more.

Back to Normal

I had dream that everything was back to normal. My father woke up and was sitting at the dining table; laughing and joking.

There was huge misdiagnosis and everything was back to normal.

Apparently all the problems were solved and everything was alright.


I've just depressed myself even more.

Rotting off
I was talking to a friend and everything alright until I wiggled my back tooth and it came off!

I took it out from my mouth and stared at it.

"What the heck?!"

Since I finally had a close up of my back tooth and searched for decay or cavities and sadly found some.

My friend asked me a question and I replied back, then I realized that I had other missing teeth at the back.

I proved my mouth with my tongue trying to figure out how my teeth became this horrible without me knowing.

My tongue landed on one of my K-9's. turns out that it was a fake plastic tooth. I removed it and found my real
k-9's which looks horrible. It was thin and really decayed.

To my utter horror that was not the end. I probed with my tongue some more and one of my front tooth fell out.

Don't remember much after

The White Ape

I was riding a horse a I made my way across the fields similar to that of Europe. The leaves turning a shade of yellow, preparing for winter. The road was winding but I was in no hurry to my destination anyway.

Some time past by. I was deep within the woods and spotted a clearing. Right in the middle was a huge white ape like creature (think like the white apes from John Carter). I was not sure of what he was doing exactly and before I could continue observing more, it moves it's head to my direction. I knew then that the creature didn't have eyes, just a mop of hair and huge nostrils.

The creature's nostrils flared and he started to get agitated. It then quickly made its way to my direction, walking slowly then into to a full on run.

I reared my horse to the other direction and made my horse run.

I've never seen that creature before but I knew that if I get caught, I wouldn't see the light of day no more.

I kept glancing behind me whenever I could and saw that the creature was gaining up on me.

Just as I was going to accept my death, another white ape creature tackled the one pursuing me. They were tangled in a mess of punches, scratches and growls.

(Missing scenes from the dream)

I was able to meet up with somebody an they were telling me about how no one can escape the white ape but simply outrunning them. What happened in my situation was really lucky.

The person then continues saying that she was able to follow a white ape without it ever finding her. Something about her being able to predict.

(Scenes missing)

I'm at a city near the sea. This was where the poor were made to stay. (think that one city in FFX kinda tropical but the buildings are really close together.)

I was planning on how to trap the white ape. Apparently he was within the city walls ad it was up to me to stop it.

I was able to find a spot that was big enough for me to trap the creature (the walkways were only big enough for humans to pass). I then waited.

I waited and waited.

I stared at all sorts of spots expecting something unexpected to happen. I then noticed that there was an unknown shadow on the ground. I didn't know where the source of the shadow came from, not until I looked up.

The white ape then came from the sky.

I dashed out of the way.

The next thing that happened was that the white ape fell into the water below. The wood that made up the walk ways were never meant to hold the white apes weight plus the additional gravitational pull from the jump down.

Surprisingly the water was really deep and the white ape drowned.

End of dream.

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I Posted this on Tumblr First and Copy-Pasted it
Adam Lambert, Smirk
So today at work, as I was reading the articles that would need to be layouted and the pics I needed to find; I saw Gerard Butler’s name. OMG! These were my exact thoughts “OMG! I can go to Tumblr and check for a perfect picture that I reblogged”, “This is the day I havebeen waiting for! Getting to see a fave actor on the newspaper and I getting to choose his picture!” Fangirl-me was so happy XD

Now, I need Askars, ZQ and Darren, so I can really geek over. (Sorry Gerry, I love ya, but you don’t really have a lot of photoshoot pictures, so your folder that resides in my laptop has not reached 1000+ pics *cough*ZQ*cough*)

On related news, the article was about Gerry possibly getting together with this model. I was in denial at first when I read it… then I realized I don’t care that much no more D: I was more of Gerry, you need someone in your life to make you happy. WTF????? Maybe, it’s just more of me thinking anyone but Jennifer Anniston XD (I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her, it was just that she was making moves too soon after breaking up with Brad Pitt.)

Fanfiction stories all in one
It's come to a point wherein all the ongoing fics that I'm reading all update at almost the same time and I don't remember what's happening in the updated fic no more.

Sometimes, I start to realize that this fic is shit and I wished the other fic would update. Other times, I go ehhhh, I'll wait for this fic to finish and then I'll read it. That situation usually ends with me not reading it at all in the long run OTL

More sleeping habits to ponder upon
Apparently, I had Sleep Paralysis (as dingo_at_sea  says) this morning. I still have to read up on that on how that might affect my well being, but right now I'm like: LOL, not only do I have problems sleeping at night, now I have sleep paralysis. XD

So I was half asleep (lucid) and I couldn't move my body. It felt like when you don't move your leg or arm for a very long time, like it fell asleep. The prickling feeling of it being asleep was there. There was also a strange weight on my back. Then images of something being beside me flashed through my mind. I was a bit frightened at first then I chastied myself that I was being ridiculous there's nothing there and if there was, just punch it. I tried to move my arms, I wasn't really that conscious enough to notice if I could move my arms. The same things with my legs. In the end I just fell back asleep XD I also completely forgot about it until I was talking to Dingo about something.

What most concerns me is that I was really bothered by the thing being beside/ on me. I REALLY wanted to punch it for bothering my sleep. LOL I also kept hearing my ringtone (Deadpool singing "This is a ringtone, so pick up the phone") but when I actually woke up there were no messages.

Day 28 — This year, in great detail
rikku ree
TA-DA!!! Yeah, I was waiting for the end of the year to do this challenge. XD

This is as much detail as I can manage, especially since I have other stuff to do D: And yeah crappy layouting skills, don't judge me DX

Huge image under the cut, ye be warned.Collapse )

Food Coma
What a holiday! So much food!

CAFA Christmas party. Pasta, meat thing and uhm... fish? And also this was when Danny did ninja skills to get more food XD

Mikhail's Birthday. Ate SNR pizza... so good!
Christmas Party with batchmates. So much food! Chicken~

Ate at Oyishi Steak house. Got me a Oyako rice meal (That's chicken and egg)

Yogurt run with my cousins. Actually we only ate at 2 yogurt stores cause we're cheap that way XD
Shawarma rice for lunch~
BBQ for dinner 8D

Bread Talk. Some pizza bread 8D
After dinner meal at the I.T. bazaar... more Shawarma rice XD

Christmas Party at my grandma's house. Lumpia and more chicken!
Noche Buenna. KFC Chicken

Lunch at my cousin's place (upstairs). Chicken Cordon Bleu and pasta, yum~
Dinner at my Mom's friend's Condominium. Paella and some meat (name unknown)
Midnight snack of the leftover KFC chicken

Ate at Shutokil with my cousin from the US. Fish... uhm, not my cup of tea... wait pork chop? I devour! YUM!

Moral of the story? We Filipinos not only love to have Lechon at a party (except me, I don't like Lechon D: ), we love our chicken as well XD

P.S. Just because I don't mention certain days, does not mean I did not eat at all on those days. It's either I don't remember or it's just everyday food that I usually eat at home (i.e. hotdog, meatball, chicken nuggets, etc.)

P.P.S. This is not the end of the food coma, btw... there's still New Year's Eve. OMG. I hope I don't gain so much weight D:


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